Mark Wahberg Not Disrespectful to 9/11 Victims

I think the widow of one of the 9/11 victims has forgotten that its the American way to be free to express your opinion on things.  I too have felt that the people on the plane could have acted quicker to disarm the terrorists on that plane.  It seemed they talked for an hour at least before deciding to storm the cockpit, which admitedly did some good, but possibly if they acted more quickly they could have survived.  Congratulations to Mark for speaking his mind, and he is an actor after all and they get paid to pretend to be a cop, spy, or hero.  Ligthten up people.

Here is what she said:

Mark Wahberg’s claim that he would’ve been able to single-handedly over-power the 9/11 terrorists and prevent a plane from crashing is completely “disrespectful” … so says the widow of one of the REAL heroic victims who RUSHED THE COCKPIT on that fateful day.

TMZ spoke with Deena Burnett-Bailey — whose husband Thomas Burnett phoned her from that fateful flight saying, “I know we’re going to die. There’s three of us who are going to do something about it.”


Reese Witherspoon Admits Make Out Sessions with Jennifer Aniston

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston might be closer friends than anyone realized.

Describing Aniston Monday night at Elle magazine’s Women in Hollywood event, Witherspoon said, “you just want to get your nails done with her and you want to make out with her at the same time.”

“At least I do,” the “Walk the Line” star playfully confessed. “And that’s what we do sometimes on Saturdays!”

Aniston was honored at the 18th annual ceremony at the Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles, along with Barbra Streisand, Viola Davis, Michelle Pfeiffer, Elizabeth Olsen, Evan Rachel Wood, Naomi Watts, Freida Pinto and DreamWorks chief Stacey Snider.

Witherspoon joked that she gets to enjoy manicure-and-makeout Saturdays with Aniston “because she’s my friend, not yours.”

Charlie Sheen Gets His Revenge

I never was a fan of Two and Half Men, but then when Charlie Sheen was so vocal about his bad boss, I felt sympathy.   How often are people fired and then able to tweet about to millions of people and still get $25 million from his boss.  Pretty cool.  Then, there is this.  Two and Half Men is not doing well without Charlie’s Tiger Blood

Boy, I didn’t think there was much they could do to Two and a Half Mento make it seem more unappealing to me. I mean, there’s so much about it that I don’t want to see — Jon Cryer being literally any other character than the one he played in Pretty in Pink; that kid, whatshisname, being, I don’t know, some annoying kid who earns $300,000 per episode; or Ashton “If I Hadn’t Married Above Me I’d Barely Be Able to Afford a Trucker Hat, Yet I Still Can’t Keep My Dick in My Pants” Kutcher.
Oh, but this week the show featured the return of Jenny McCarthy. Hey, former Playmate and noted autism loudmouth Jenny McCarthy! Well, then! That totally changes everything! In fact, let me run to my TiVo right now … just to make sure this show never, ever accidentally gets recorded, because nothankyou.

Apparently Two and a Half Men has been experiencing some dwindling ratings lately, possibly because people are finally emerging from theirSheen-induced haze and realizing what a piece of crap this show is, and as a result, the network dragged Jenny back on to reprise her role as Sheen’s recurring gold-digger ex-lover. Not that Charlie’s on the show anymore, but that wasn’t a problem for CBS—they just had her shacking up with Kutcher instead.

Yeah. Ashton Kutcher and Jenny McCarthy. Two not so great tastes that … taste half-great together?

It seems to me that McCarthy coming back on the show is a ploy by CBS to appeal to longtime viewers. You know, the folks who are doing their level best to give this Kutcher thing a chance, but miss that extra special something Sheen brought to the table. (Namely: large amounts of cocaine. Oh, and tiger blood.) I’m guessing this will be the first of many guest appearances on Two and a Half Men as the network scrambles to get every last drop of milk from their cash cow. Charlie may be gone, but McCarthy brings a bit of nostalgia that might help folks remember when they actually liked the show.

In other words, McCarthy is the shark, and Two and a Half Men is taking a giant leap. Four episodes in, they’re already scrambling to boost ratings back to the inexplicable millions they once had, but my bet is that they’ve got nowhere to go but down. Will McCarthy eke out a few more paychecks in her role as Courtney? I’m sure she will if she can, since her recent acting roster has pretty much been limited to the made-for-TV Santa Baby 2 in 2009.

Occupy London

Hey, Its Julian Assange at a OWS Rally in London in a Mask

The Occupy London Stock Exchange collective, which is supported by UK Uncut, said a Facebook page on the protest had attracted more than 13,000 followers, with more than 5,000 confirmed attendees.

Laura Taylor, a supporter of the so-called OccupyLSX, said: ‘Why are we paying for a crisis the banks caused? More than a million people have lost their jobs and tens of thousands of homes have been repossessed, while small businesses are struggling to survive.

‘Yet bankers continue to make billions in profit and pay themselves enormous bonuses, even after we bailed them out with £850 billion.’

Another supporter, Kai Wargalla, said: ‘This is a people-powered movement protesting against the increasing social and economic injustice in the UK.

‘We want to stand with the 99% – the overwhelming majority who value people over profit.

‘We want to make our voices heard against greed, corruption and for a democratic, just society. We stand in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street, protesters in Spain, Greece and the Middle East who started this movement.

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The Senselessness of Occupy Wall Street or Occupy Boston

Occupy Wall street or the variants of Occupy Boston or Occupy Atlanta is  a recent protest where people sit in a park and drum and have varied demands.  It seems they are against the billions on wars and bank bailouts (well I am against the billions spent on the war, but the banks need to be reimbursed because the Federal Government ie Clinton told them to accept bad loans so everyone could have a home).  Then they do the crazy thing of holding up signs “Tax the Rich”, but the rich are already paying.  50% of the country is paying for the other 50% that is paying zero or getting refunds.  Celebrities perform and the homeless get free clothing. 

Governor Deval has decided to use taxpayer money to provide them with a tent and electricity, which is totally the wrong thing to do.  Let them freeze.  The cold weather would have driven them back to their homes where they belong and where they can protest the right way with letter to representatives and senators without making a menace of themselves.

The AFL-CIO supports the movement and says that Wall Street sits on corporate profits without creating jobs, and they speak of Corporate Greed.  There is no such thing as Corporate Greed.  If they are talking of corporate malefeasance than address that.  As a business or corporation one must make the most amount of money possible to create jobs and to expand.  Can you imagine anyone making a product such as  Iphone or Ipad and saying that they don’t want to make the most amount possible for it.  That’s business 101, and should go straight to business school if you don’t understand it.  For one thing, businesses need working capital which is a cushion of cash during lean times, which many companies are using right now.  Otherwise, how is a company going to survive for generations.  When you audit a company, you determine its ability to be a going concern.  If you think that a company is not going to last, that is in the audit report which eventually affect the stock price.  How then can you possibly lower your price on a product or say that perhaps you only want to make half the profits you are making now and expect to compete.  Business is very difficult and very competitive and the only way you are going to survive is by being the best at what you do, and to this you need Research and Development, which means hiring engineers and researchers.  Companies would not be able to do this without making as much money as possible.

In answer to the protesters thinking corporations are greedy, what about the athletes of the country trying to be the best.  Can you tell them to swim only half as fast or to run more slowly.  Ironically, companies being less competitive is what will cut jobs and not companies being more competitive.  With less money in their bank accounts, corporations will start laying off employees or start hiring freezes.

Amanda Knox: Free at Last

We all knew it would happen, there simply was too much evidence that Amanda didn’t do it.  There was only the stubborn prosecutor who accuses everyone of devil worship.  But, still the verdict is astounding.  That, the Italian justice system would admit they made a mistake and not stick with their original position is amazing. 

I think some of the original malice had to do with the Kercher family that just wanted someone to blame and sit in jail.  As they put it, they didn’t want Meredith to be forgotten.

Now Amanda, is free and will be going home to Seattle.  She will study law and work for Amnesty International.  I am sure she will have the pick of any law school with her abilities in language and philosophy.

Jose Baez: My new Hero

The Casey Anthony Trial is over and the public didn’t get the pound of flesh they were looking for.  But, Jose Baez emerges as a great hero and defense attorney to Casey Anthony and the general public against being defamed and charged with little evidence.  The problem with charging someone like Casey Anthony with murder 1 and executing her even though she is much maligned and there is some evidence which may point to guilt is that this would set a precedent for every childhood accidental pool death or other accidental death setting parents up for massive defense expenses.  The state of Florida needed to let this one go as a deal for negligent manslaughter.  Wasn’t that cool how he turned the prosecutor into a case in point that they are trying to treat the defense disrespectfully.